Anne Curtis Denies Her Mother Was A Maid

December 5, 2012
Anne Curtis Mother

Anne Curtis Mother and Father

Anne Curtis denies that her mother was ever a maid but if she ever was, she would still be proud of her. Anne Curtis lashed out at her mom’s (and dad’s) haters on Twitter for saying that her mother is a “Pinay maid” and her father is an “Aussie loser guy.” Anne’s Filipina mother, Carmencita, is married to Australian James Curtis-Smith. Here is what Anne Curtistweeted, addressed to her alleged Twitter haters, @dudeinterrupted @Khatieness. She deleted the tweets later on:

“Well hello you. We meet again. But dont worry i come in peace. Just to clarify once again my mother was never a maid. In fact if ever she was i would be proud and would not hide it in embarrassment at all. She may not have come from a well off family but she never ashamed of her roots and took all of us visit where she grew up. So you can say whatever you want. I wont fight you BUT i will clarify..She is after all my mother and I dont appreciate people who disrespect her. You’d probably do the same. Anyway, Now that is clear. I hope you will please stop saying false things about my mother. Thank you. :)”