Angelica Panganiban Flabby and Snobby

November 29, 2013

Angelica Panganiban fat

Angelica Panganiban “fat”

Many fans have been observing that Angelica Panganiban seems to have gained some weight. Proof of this they said is her recent Star Awards appearance wherein although she wore a black ensemble, her flab still was somewhat evident. Added to it is the worry of some that Angelica Panganiban‘s pronouncement (and her co-worker’s) that she is “very sad” of late is related to her relationship woos with boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz. Is JLC playing around?
John Lloyd Cruz, Divine Lee Bryanboy

John Lloyd Cruz, Divine Lee and Bryanboy

Then out of nowhere, aside from Angelica’s controversial IG reply to a fan who commented about Melai Cantiveros not having been mentioned in her acceptance speech during the recent Star Awards, a fan claiming to be a relative of Director Bobot Mortiz, ranted that Angelica is a snob contrary to her amiable public persona. The IG user said:
Angelica Panganiban snob

Angelica Panganiban snob daw

Photo credits to the owner.