Angel Locsin thoughts about her controversial transfer to ABS-CBN

March 20, 2008

Is this even Angel Locsin? This photo, if ever it is Angel Locsin i will be very surprised if this is even a scene out of Lobo, lol..

Since its Maundy Thursday, let’s all listen to Angel Locsin on her thoughts about her controversial transfer to ABS-CBN:

” I am happy where i am now, ” Angel Locsin says..”I’m contented with the way my life and career are going. And the good thing is that I am no longer as stressed out as before as i’m coping very well with my work schedule. I even find a way to start new hobbies, i’m learning how to play the guitar now.

On her wearing a swimsuit for Cosmo Magazine, “First time ko talaga ito, but I thought kung gagawin ko ito, it might as well be on Cosmo,” Angel Locsin said.