Angel Locsin in Preview Magazine

August 14, 2008

Angel Locsin looked like a high fashion beauty in the August 2008 issue of Preview Magazine that Popular Tokyo based fashion blogger/editor/etc.. Martin Webb wrote in the chica blog, Tokyo Numero, about his recent Philippine Fabulousness visit and how he picked up a copy of Preview in the airport.

Filipina “it” girls

Apparently Philippine Tatler editors have annointed Georgina Wilson as the “next big thing” …

While my spies tell me that she’s not exactly a style icon, I must confess to having been quite taken with Angel Locsin, whose smoulders away on the cover of Manila style magazine Preview,
which I picked up while waiting for my flight back to Narita.

O di ba, Georgina Wilson is beautiful but would look like plain with Caucasians while Angel Locsin is a true Filipina beauty and would be attractive to even fahsion editors. Mind you Mr. Webb has worked with the best in the Fashion World. What is ironic is Anne Curtis, he called as one “MTV starlet Anne Curtis” lol..