Angel Locsin in Folded and Hung

June 23, 2008

Angel Locsin graced the opening of Folded and Hung in TriNoma on June 21. Of course, she was mobbed in the mall. I actually got an invite but i didn’t go, because i will be mobbed too, just kidding.. In the invitation they sent out Angel Locsin is seen with no top on and is presented as the newest endorser of the Filipino fashion brand (See photo below). Angel Locsin replaced Claudine Barretto as endorser of Folded and Hung while of course the big showbiz intriga is that rival Marian Rivera replaced Angel Locsin in her Jag Jeans endorsement.

Angel Locsin (

Meanwhile, Becky Aguila, Angel Locsin’s manager said, “I just want to make it clear that Angel is not competing with Marian. She minds her own business. For whatever commercial projects Marian’s been getting, I’m sure Angel is happy for her.

O dabah! How sincere, lol..She said it before Lobo ended. Becky further explained that, “Angel right now is so engrossed and concentrated in Lobo. She doesn’t have the time to dwell on petty issues being thrown at her. Intrigues are part of showbiz life. What matters the most is the network and advertisers’ trust and confidence with Angel. Management’s [ABS-CBN] highly satisfied with her performance in Lobo. Happy rin sila sa commercial loads ng Lobo.”