Alleged New Gerald Anderson scandal goes viral

July 16, 2015



Social media went abuzz last week with what they funnily called “Kapamilya P**n Festival” with a string of video scandals involving their young talents. Lost in the two more infamous ones was Gerald Anderson‘s alleged photos where he was snapped either before or after taking a shower.

The photos were blurred and resembles any white male, barely recognizable and not necessarily Gerald Anderson, who is half-white, with an American white father and Filipina mother.

Nevertheless, the photos went viral since the “Nathaniel” star is a most sought-after young actor-hunk in the Philippine movie industry. It tickled the fancy of girls and gays alike, knowing that there could be a remote possibility that it is allegedly Gerald Anderson.

This is not the first time that Gerald Anderson is subjected to these talk. Years ago, he was also insinuated to be the person snapped while peeing in the woods.