Alleged Andrea Brillantes scandal is Fake

July 10, 2015

Andrea Brillantes scandal fake

Andrea Brillantes

The alleged “Annaliza” star Andrea Brillantes video leaked and went viral on social media today. Many are insinuating that it was the young star herself, given that the room where the solo private act was done matches her photo and picture frame, her bedsheets, and the very room where she usually post as her room on her Instagram page.

No official word yet from Andrea Brillantes’ camp or handlers on the issue. For what it’s worth, a fake Star Magic social media account denied the alleged Andrea Brillantes video scandal and urge the public to stop spreading the video:

fake star magic

fake star magic account

Her people should handle this delicately and just do a Maricar Reyes public relations damage control. In short, they should just ignore this and not acknowledge the video, or muddle the issue by denying that she only resembled the girl in the video so as to put a cloud of doubt with the public’s imagination or better, just not react at all. In short, dedma lang so as not to add fuel to the fire.