Lolit Solis want Yul Servo, Eric Quizon and Rustom Padilla to testify against Piolo

February 7, 2008

In what looked like a battle for how many stars will show up to support their camp. Lolit Solis also had her stable of stars Alfred Vargas, Paolo Contis and Yasmien Kurdi for support. Actor Mark Herras also wanted to come personally but was prevented by previous commitments.

Originally, Lolit Solis wanted actors Yul Servo, Eric Quizon and Rustom Padilla as witnesses for her. In her rejoinder-affidavit to the reply-affidavits of actors Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual in the libel case filed by the two against her, Lolit Solis said in her affidavit that “there is nothing libelous about my article.

“I merely narrated in my article that I saw the two men “nagbubulungan” and as they are “nagbubulungan,” it obviously follows that halos magkadikit na nga ang mga pisngi nila. I saw them with my own eyes… I have no reason to fabricate a story. I carry no grudge against any of the complainants.”

Nowhere in the article daw that she said that Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual are gay or homosexuals or that both are engaged in “homosexual activities.”

Lolit Solis also questioned that the affidavit of the witnesses presented by Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual, namely by, Angel Locsin, Rica Peralejo, Cristy Fermin, Pokwang, several employees of Toni and Guy Salon and Timex, and two members of the general public who felt affected by the article, were filed belatedly when it could have been made when they filed their original libel complaint.

“The length of time that lapsed before presenting their testimonies casts serious doubts as to the reliability and authenticity of the claims of these witnesses. It was very convenient for the complainants because they had more than enough time to set their story straight and go shopping for witnesses. It was also readily apparent that these witnesses are either people under their employ/pay, or close associates and employees belonging to their home network [ABS-CBN].

Their testimonies therefore carry very little weight for being biased and self-serving.”