Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez Public Spat

January 30, 2008

Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez took part in the annual Nivea celebrity challenge in Davao last Jan. 24-27, 2008. And what happened in the Celebrity Challenge has become a big event and is now showbiz gossip fodder. Here’s a chronological look at the Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez public scandal in Davao.

Jeremy MarquezJan. 24, 2008 – at the Manila airport, Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez dedmahan. Then Alessandra de Rossi made it even more obvious by greeting everyone around except Jeremy Marquez.

In Davao, that evening, Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez were seated in the same table when Jomari Yllana jumped into the swimming pool still dressed, and then everyone joined in on the fun, except Alessandra who got irked that Jeremy was having fun by the pool.

Alessandra went home via a multicab with half her body hanging out of the filled jeep just so she could go home. The road home traversed steep and rocky hills. Alessandra could have fallen off.

Jan. 25, 2008 – Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez were not in speaking terms again the entire day until towards the evening, Alessandra seemed to warm up to Jeremy but it was Jeremy who was cold towards Alex. He didn’t want to dance with Alex.

Alex left in a huff. Jeremy stayed and partied with the girls. He woke up the next day in the beach at eight in the morning. Reports say that Alessandra was with him, looking after him because he passed out drank. Alex tried to slap Jeremy to wake him up and Jeremy, still groggy,  slapped Alex in turn.

That night, Alex demo’ed to Jeremy what happened and that’s at that point when photographers picked up the slapping incident story. Alex fueled the media fodder by doing a dirty finger with the press.

Her explanation: “Ayoko kasi talaga ng mga paparazzi, eh! Seryoso `yung pinag-uusapan namin ni Jeremy at meron akong sinasabing importante, na ayokong kunan nila kami.”

Alessandra de RossiJan. 26, 2008, Malipano Island, Davo – Alessandra de Rossi was seen on the dancefloor dancing and kissing Jeremy Marquez at the chillout party. The kissing and tight hug was captured by the cameras. Alex denied that kissing ever took place.  She said, ” “Bumubulong siya sa akin ng, `Happy anniversary! ‘ Kasi, dapat 3
years na kami. Kaya nakadikit `yung mukha niya sa may tenga ko, pero hindi kami naghahalikan. ”

Jan. 27, 2008 – Alessandra de Rossi and Jeremy Marquez and some more celebs, are scheduled to leave Davao, when Alessandra throw a violent fit and made a scene.

Alessandra said, ” Hindi ko dinedenay `yon na nagwala ako. Hindi ko rin dyina-justify dahil alam kong mali ang ginawa ko. Pero hindi n’yo alam na lahat `yon, may dahilan. Lahat ‘yon, may explanation.