Alden Richards Sexy for Folded & Hung

February 19, 2012
Alden Richards Folded & Hung

Alden Richards for Folded & Hung

Alden Richards

sexy for Folded & Hung Summer 2012 ad campaign. Alden Richards is cute and hot! Check it out! These

Alden Richards sexy photos

for Folded & Hung are now causing some stir and Twitter and along the EDSA highway because it was made into a billboard. Alden Richards also recently made waves by treating a fan to a Valentines Day dinner treat via a contest on Twitter. Si Alden Richards ay pinapasikat ng GMA Network into one of the Philippines young matinee idol for future promising projects and replacement to its roster of talents who jumped ship to rival networks like ABS-CBN and TV5. He is thankful for all the projects coming his way because he says he is the breadwinner of their family.

Alden Richards

, whose real name is Richard Faulkerson Jr. is of mixed breed. His father is British (Scotland), while his mother is Filipina. Alden Richards was recently involved in minor controversy when his alleged scandal went viral in Youtube.

Alden Richards Sexy

Alden Richards for Folded and Hung

Alden Richards F & H

Alden Richards for F & H