Alden Richards Has Met Yaya Dub in 2010

August 17, 2015

Alden Richards and Yaya Dub meet

Alden Richards and Yaya Dub allegedly

Alden Richards, then known by his real name RJ Faulkerson and is just an aspiring actor, has allegedly met Yaya Dub in a Candy Magazine event in 2010. Alden Richards was one of the Candy Cuties and Maine Mendoza attended the event and she was able to have a picture together with Alden Richards. All these if the picture above is not edited or photoshopped.

There are doubts as to the picture above, first published in the controversial blog, because many other photoshopped photos of AlDub are circulating online that to the untrained eyes looks very real.

Part of the magic of the phenomenal AlDub loveteam is the mystery of how the two will finally meet in person and many are suspecting that the photo above could just be a part of a demolition job.

If ever true, there is nothing wrong with a fan having a photo together with her/his admired celebrity and it is common for the celeb, Alden in this instance, to not remember the fan at all.