Albert Martinez Post Photo of Very Thin Liezl Martinez

March 14, 2015

Albert Martinez and Liezl Martinez

Albert and Liezl Martinez

Albert Martinez paid tribute to his late wife Liezl Martinez who died this morning due to breast cancer that has metastasized into the lungs. Albert Martinez basically said she owes everything to Liezl. “I owe everything to her,” Albert Martinez said.

Albert Martinez posted a photo of a very thin Liezl Martinez, probably taken very recently, at the height of her suffering from the painful symptoms of cancer. In the caption, Albert Martinez paid tribute to his wife of thirty years:

“She was my wife, my partner, my best friend. We grew up together. We raised a family together.
She was a wonderful mother who devoted her entire life to our children.
I have three wonderful kids because of her.
She was a supportive wife, who stood beside me in every endeavor, big or small. I am grateful to her. I owe everything to her.
I have a successful career and happy home life because of my wife Liezl.”

Meanwhile, Albert and Liezl’s daughter, celebrity stylist Alyanna Martinez posted a photo of her mother during a portrait shot for Alyanna’s birthday last November 2014.

Liezl Martinez beauty

Liezl Martinez