40 Forbidden Questions for DJ Mo and Janet McBride

February 24, 2007

Let’s turn the table on DJ Mo Twister and play the kind of revealing (or “reveal-yourself”) game he plays with unrepentant glee in the 40 Forbidden Questions segment of his program on Magic 89.9 FM and find out what, as he loves to probe his star-guests, his sexual preference is.

After (ma)lingering in L.A. with his girlfriend Janet McBride, DJ Mo burst back onto the showbiz scene rattling everybody’s closet, with not just a little help from his star-guests who don’t seem to mind telling the whole world who their last bedroom companions were, who’s the worst this and the worst that, how “gifted” they are (the actor/male-celebrity guests are forced to divulge the most private part of their anatomy in inches), and who they think is gay.

Is DJ Mo doing a Howard Stern (deejay of America’s notorious Shock Radio)? Well, maybe  subconsciously.

And maybe subconsciously, DJ Mo has been pitting stars and celebrities against one another, turning showbiz into a virtual cockpit.

Borgy Manotoc mentioned Vina Morales as among the three women he had gone to bed with and Vina responded with a big slap across his face. Ouch!

Luis Alandy mentioned that he had gone to bed with, among others, Kat Alano and her manager, June Torrejon-Rufino threatened to slap Luis with slander, until Luis publicly apologized for…being a brazen kiss-and-tell? Ouch, ouch!!

Geneva Cruz mentioned that among the guys she had gone to bed with was Keempee de Leon and Keempee appeared on national television, short of calling Geneva a liar. Which was the same thing Onemig Bondoc did when Wilma Doesnt included his name on her list of…”conquests?” Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

Is DJ Mo presiding over this landscape of ruined reputations and bruised egos with arms folded across his chest, with a naughty smile lining his lips? Well, maybe, subconsciously.

The Big Questions: Why do the stars and celebrities let themselves be pitted against one another? Is it the insatiable hunger to be talked about, at all costs, no matter what, come what may? A bad case of KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin)?

Cristy Fermin dismisses him as DJ Monio while Jobert Sucaldito, in his DZMM radio program with Cristy, cuts him to pieces and down to “size” (in merely few centimeters?). “Maliit na bagay para gawing issue,” quipped Jobert. For a while, Lolit Solis crossed swords with DJ Mo and  surprise, surprise!  they ended up friends, although not bosom buddies.

DJ Mo’s favorite defense?

“I only ask the questions. I don’t give the answers.”

Put on the spot, how would DJ Mo, with Janet McBride beside him, fare in his own game?

1. Did you live-in with Mo in L.A.?

Janet: Yes, I did. For four years, from 2002 to 2006.

2. Are you married?

Janet: No, we are not.

3. Do you have a child?

Janet: No, we don’t have any.

4. Why did you come back?

Janet: I want to continue my college education here. I finished high school and two years at Community College in L.A. I’m taking up a course in Speech Pathology. I came back also to resume my showbiz career.

Mo: To be with my parents who are here. Wala silang kasama so I want to keep them company. I also plan to enroll in a law school here. I didn’t know that I would be this busy. But when things settle down, maybe I will go back to school. I came back six weeks ahead of Janet.

5. (To Mo) When and to whom did you lose your innocence?

Mo: What’s that? Hey, the game is over! No comment.

6. (To Mo) Who’s the best kisser?

Mo: Janet, of course!

7. (To Mo) And the worst kisser?

Mo: My lola!

8. (To Mo) Are you, ehem, uncut?

Mo: Cut that! No comment uli. The star-guests on the radio program are smart; they give good answers. Ako, duwag. I can’t answer the questions that I ask my guests. That’s why I’m the one asking, not the one answering.

9. (To Mo) When was the last time you did “it?”

Mo: Again, no comment.

10. What’s the good thing about Mo?

Janet: He’s so intelligent… he’s an intellectual.

11. And the worst thing about Mo?

Janet: He’s makulit. That’s the worst I can think about him.

12. Is it true that you’re also into a “cooling off” period (like Ara Mina and Polo Ravales, Marvin Agustin and Pauleen Luna, and Angel Locsin and Oyo Sotto)?

Mo: At the moment, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend; we’re just great friends. It’s the most ideal set-up for us at present.

13. Why did you leave when you were at the peak of your career?

Janet: I was 18 and I wanted to finish high school. I was also feeling homesick. I was all alone here and my parents were in Brisbane (Australia).

14. Why did you go to L.A. instead of Brisbane?

Janet (Pointing to Mo): Because of him.

Mo: We’ve been to L.A. before so I told her, “Why not enroll in a school there?” Life in L.A. is easier.

Janet: Life in L.A. was great! We stayed in an apartment with our two dogs. We brought them here with us.

15. So, you’re just “great friends” now. When did you decide to “cool off?”

Mo: Four days ago. We’re great as friends! I stay with my parents in Bulacan and Janet is staying with her relatives in Cavite.

Janet: It’s a mutual decision. We didn’t fight. I’ve known Mo since I was 15 and we remain friends.

16. (To Mo) How are you as a father (to his and actress Bunny Paras  daughter; both mother and daughter are based in L.A.)?

Mo: It’s hard to rate myself as a father because I hardly spend time with my daughter as much as I want to. I want to be the best father that I want to but sadly, I don’t spend that much time with my daughter. Kahit paano, we communicate with each other through e-mail and texting.

17. Are you okay with Bunny?

Mo: Yes. We’re friends.

18. Have you met Bunny?

Janet: No, not yet. But I’ve met the daughter who calls me simply Janet.

Mo: My daughter calls me DJ Mo.

19. (To Janet) How do you feel about Mo’s reputation as airwaves foremost…”provocateur?”

Janet: It surprises me. Nagulat ako! In the States, I watched the shows of Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and David Lettermen. I still watch them here. I find them funny. I like to think that Mo is just like any of them.

Mo: I didn’t intend my program to be that controversial; I just wanted it to be interesting. It’s my guests who make my program controversial because they’re the ones who answer the questions.

20. When are you guesting on Mo’s show?

Janet: I really want to pero ayaw ni Mo.

Mo: I don’t want her to guest. I want to protect her. I must admit that I am biased, especially toward people close to me. When my good friend Donita (Rose) guested on my show, I protected her.

21. (To Janet) If you were the host of the program and Mo were your guest, what’s the one question that you’d like to ask him?

Janet: Gee, good question! Hmmmm. I can’t think of any.

Mo: She has nothing more to ask me. She knows me from head to foot.

22. (To Janet) What’s Mo like off the air?

Janet: He’s the exact opposite. He is very quiet. He seems to be always in deep thought. He is always thinking and taking down notes, always thinking of new ideas for his program.

Mo: We are homebodies. The only time we leave home is when we have to watch a movie.

23. The Year of the Fire Pig in the Chinese Lunar Calendar starts today. What animal are you?

Mo: I am a Snake.

Janet: I am a Pig.

24. (To Mo) Are you a Snake in the grass?

Mo: No. I am a Fire Snake.

25. What are your plans in the Year of the Fire Pig?

Mo: Business as usual. As long as my program is interesting, on with the show!

26. I heard that you’ve been suspended. True or not?

Mo: Well, we had one episode (with John Lapus) na medyo may violation so I was called by the KBP (Kapisanan ng Mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas) to a hearing and I apologized. The KBP hasn’t handed down the verdict yet. I might be fined. I don’t know yet.

27. (To Janet) You’ve been away for six years. How are you adjusting back into the showbiz scene?

Janet: Mas enjoy ako ngayon. I’m a different,  a better person now. I’m 23. It was like starting all over again. I felt awkward during the first few days of taping for my soap, Makita Kang Muli (produced by TAPE for GMA 7), where I played a kontrabida, a role opposite of the real me.

28. (To Mo) Do you impose any “do’s and dont’s” on Janet (no kissing, no sexy scenes, etc.)?

Mo: No, I don’t. She’s an actress, and a very good one. (As she proved in Laurice Guillen’s Tanging Ina where Janet played Dina Bonnevie and Joel Torre’s spoiled-brat daughter. As long as she’s comfortable with what she’s doing, it’s okay with me.

29. (To Mo) Would you let Janet pose sexy in a glossy-mag pictorial (FHM maybe)?

Mo: If she’s comfortable with it…

Janet: I won’t do it. Hindi ko kaya!

30. (To Janet) Would you let Mo pose nude for a magazine pictorial?

Janet: Yeah, why not?

31. (To Janet) Is Mo faithful?

Janet: Mo is faithful.

32. (To Janet) Does he snore?

Janet: Yes, especially when he’s super-pagod.

33. (To Janet) Does he sleep in the nude?

Janet: No, he doesn’t.

34. (To Janet) Are you happy with Mo’s height?

Janet: Puede na, even if  I am a few centimeters taller.

35. (To Mo) Who is the worst deejay in the Philippines?

Mo: DJ Mojo.

36. Which guy do you find sexy?

Mo: Jude Law. He is my crush! Nababakla ako when I see him.

37. (To Mo) Are you moody?

Mo: No, I am not!

Janet: I am moody.

38. (To Mo) Are you eccentric?

Mo: A bit.

39. (To Mo) Are you gay?

Mo: No!!!! Oh yes, I am but only as far as Jude Law is concerned.

40. (To Mo) Would you go to bed with Jude Law with Janet’s consent?

Mo: You have to ask her!

Source: CONVERSATIONS With Ricky Lo