Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Back Together

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grey Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Back Together
Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera

Wally Bayola and ex-EB Babe dancer Yosh Rivera figured in the highly controversial video scandal last year that caused the suspension of Wally Bayola in Eat Bulaga. But there are now talk that Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh are back together. Reportedly, Wally Bayola left home leaving his wife and five children behind. Wally Bayola’s wife Rizza Bayola allegedly confirmed this story that Wally Bayola left her and his family to now live with EB Babe Yosh.

After the tearful comeback on Eat Bulaga and subsequent apology to the general public, looks like Wally Bayola is back to his old ways.

Will the Eat Bulaga management suspend or even terminate Wally Bayola again from Eat Bulaga upon learning this or will they just leave the concerned parties to handle their private lives alone?

Wally Bayola is Back on Eat Bulaga

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grey Wally Bayola is Back on Eat Bulaga
Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola and Paolo Ballesteros

Wally Bayola appeared on “Eat Bulaga” today looking like he lost a lot of weight and not just that, he looked like he also suffered financially from five months out of work after his video scandal with EB Babe Yosh circulated online.

Wally Bayola emerged tearful holding a birthday cake for his comedic partner Jose Manalo, who was celebrating his birthday, while hosting on location for their popular “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment with Paolo Ballesteros. Wally hugged Jose and said: “Sa Eat Bulaga, mga manonood, sorry po. Sorry po sa mga nagawa kong kasalanan. Sana bigyan niyo pa po ako ng isa pang pagkakataon para maayos ko ang buhay ko. Patawad po sa inyong lahat. Sorry po.” Vic Sotto, who usually hosts the segment in the studio, is noticiably absent during the tearful reunion.

Wally Bayola will return as a regular co-host of Eat Bulaga. EB FB said: “Kasabay ng ating pagbati ng maligayang kaarawan kay Dabarkads Jose, batiin din natin ang pagbabalik ng ating Dabarkads na si Wally Bayola! Welcome Back Dabarkads!”

Wally Bayola Back on Eat Bulaga

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grey Wally Bayola Back on Eat Bulaga
Wally Bayola in Zirkoh

Wally Bayola back on Eat Bulaga with a catch. Wally Bayola appeared on his usual slot in ‘Juan For All, All For Juan‘ today but only because the segment was just a replay episode when Wally was still with Eat Bulaga. Staff said: “Replay po ang Juan For All kanina dahil hindi po maabot ng signal yung venue.. (Ang Venue po ay sa Muzon,Malabon City) kaya hindi po sila naka ere.” Many netizens were surprised and some expressed glee at his return to television but many too were dismayed why Eat Bulaga let him be back again after his much publicized video scandal hit the net. Is Eat Bulaga testing the waters on what the audience reaction will be if Wally Bayola returns to Eat Bulaga?

It can be remembered that Vic Sotto publicly said that he is not opposed to Wally being back on Eat Bulaga as long as he make a public apology. Wally Bayola’s manager Malou Choa-Fagar when asked recently if Wally Bayola will be back on Eat Bulaga soon, just said: “Wala akong statement.”

Wally Bayola is now back in the comedy club circuit after a four months hiatus. Last January 21, Wally Bayola once again did a stand-up comedy show in Zirkoh Comedy Bar along Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Zirkoh owner Lito Alejandria said he does not know when Wally will be back on Eat Bulaga but he will be a regular on Zirkoh from now on: “Di ko alam sa Bulaga pero sa Zirkoh back on primetime na namin sya every Tuesday.” Photo credits: Certified Jose-natics.

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