Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano separation

On December 25, Christmas day, Sunshine Cruz together with her 3 kids with Cesar Montano left their conjugal home and they proceeded to her mother Alma’s house in Paranaque.

Reportedly the reason Sunshine Cruz left their conjugal house is because of a third party, Brazilian model Marianna del Rio, who is the girl famous for the Samba corned beef commercial.

Apparently, model Marianna del Rio was lead to believe by Cesar Montano that Sunshine and he was separated since September. Cesar Montano reportedly brought Marianna del Rio to Cesar’s hometown of Bohol and pointed out to her that he and Sunshine are already separated, proof is that no pictures of Sunshine are displayed in the house. Marianna was also brought to Cesar and Sunshine’s rest house in Bulacan and Cesar once again pointed out that they are separated since no photos of Sunshine can be found at the rest house.

Sunshine had an inkling of an extra-marital affair when text messages coming from a certain “Samba” with a message along the line of “Honey wer r u?” she had stumbled upon on Cesar’s mobile phone.

The last straw happened when she saw photos of Marianna and Cesar in a party held for ABS-CBN’s recently concluded reality show, Mano Mano, which Cesar hosts. In the photos, Marianna and Cesar are unmistakably a couple and when Sunshine confronted the staff of the show, they admitted to know Marianna who they said Cesar always brings with him. In one of the photos, a close friend of Cesar was in the photo. Sunshine confronted the friend who admitted to the affair.

Then Sunshine confronted the woman herself, Marianna del Rio, and Marianna retaliated by cursing Sunshine instead and telling her that she was not a mistress since Sunshine and Cesar had been separated since September.

Much to the shock of Sunshine (life is like the movies, ironically), she had no clue that Cesar can do that, so she confronted her husband and she got another shock of her life when Cesar shot back at her with the line, “Magpasalamat ka at pinakasalan pa kita kahit dati kang PORN STAR!”, to which he said several times to her face. And threatened her that if she makes public her affair with Marianna, Cesar would also reveal everything about Sunshine and Jay Manalo. Jay Manalo and Sunshine were involved in the Dukot Queen scandal, wherein they have an erotic scene that got into vcd’s and the net, although the movie itself was not finished/shown.

Sunshine vehemently denied any of those talk and told friends, “Inaamin kong nag-bold star ako. Pagkakamali ko iyon. Di ako nakinig sa mga magulang ko. Pero alam ni Buboy [tawag niya kay Cesar] na virgin ako nang nakuha niya ako. Ano ba naman yung mag-sorry siya? I’ll forgive him. I love him, e. Hanggang ngayon, I love him. Pero binaligtad pa ako. All I want is a little respect.”

Sunshine and Cesar were married September 14, 2000, they renewed their marital vow in March 2005 in Phuket, Thailand. Sunshine’s manager Alfie Lorenzo will talk about the matter in Startalk today in an exclusive interview.