Regine Velasquez Lost Her Voice in Concert

Regine Velasquez pumiyok sa concert but only because she was sick and lost her voice. I actually watched Regine‘s 25th Anniversary concert last night at the Mall Of Asia Arena and people were very understanding of the situation. I am not, LOL, I trooped to the MOA which is like 40-50 kilometers from home, just to witness what happened. She should have just cancelled the show and reset it to another date. The consolation now is that there will be a free concert. I just don’t get the logic of it. If she cancelled the concert, then the people who PAID like us would have watched it when she is ready. Now, she will be making another concert for free to people who may or may not have been present last night. What the H is that! Is it really hard to cancel a concert. Adele did it, and so many other artists. Why does the fans have to suffer? I know I am ranting here but our effort was just too much only to suffer her horrible voice and too much drama last night.