Queenierich Rehman: New Filipina International Sensation


Queenierich Rehman

Queenierich Rehman

Queenierich Rehman, Miss World Philippines 2012 and a Semi-finalist at the just concluded Miss World 2012 COOKING SHOW, LOL, is the newest Filipina International Talent Sensation. Her beatboxing skills has been featured in several noted publications in the United States, including The Huffington Post, Time Magazine’s website time.com, the Wall Street Journal, America Online (AOL), among others and is now also getting attention from around the world from their respective leading publications as well. Queenierich Rehman may have lost, questionably, to China in the Miss World Talent challenge but she won the hearts of many. Watch Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman below showing off her beatboxing skills. This particular Youtube video is from the Miss World Talent challenge itself and already garnered more than 600,000 views. Several other Queenie Rehman beatboxing videos uploaded to Youtube have already garnered close to a million views.