Pics – Kris Aquino and Charlene Gonzales Fashion faceoff

by Boy Lopez

Check out the photos! This is the controversial fashion event this season, the Samsung Metrowear Presents Aspirer of Randy Ortiz. In the said event, it can now be said, the controversial confrontation between Kris Aquino and Charlene Gonzales – Muhlach happened. Refer to my earlier blog entry for the details. Anyway, Kris Aquino allegedly said to Charlene Gonzales, “pa-star ka!” four times. To which Kris Aquino – Yap said she was just joking and she was sorry she cracked a joke at someone who is not a close friend and who did not get her joke. Allegedly, Charlene Gonzales waited until after the fashion event to confront Kris Aquino saying, “Kris, do you have a problem with my dress?!” and within the earshot of Ruffa Gutierrez, Phoemela Barranda, Claudine Barretto, among others (kaya kumalat ang tsismis!). Charlene Gonzales – Muhlach has not issued any statement regarding the incident while her mom Elvie Gonzales had, saying may it serve daw as a lesson for everyone, choose the person you will crack a joke with.

grey Pics   Kris Aquino and Charlene Gonzales Fashion faceoff

Charlene Gonzales

And contratry to earlier reports, Designer to the Stars, Randy Ortiz, denied that there was a color motif to the said event. BUT, judging from what Kris had known, there was a color motif. Evidence is that as earlier reported, Randy Ortiz made 3 different designs for the 3 Philippine Showbiz notables, Kris Aquino-Yap, Lucy Torres-Gomez and Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach. While Kris Aquino and Lucy Torres were of the same color of glossy silver black with same style/design, Charlene Gonzales wore the same design but in dark baby blue! Check the photos..

grey Pics   Kris Aquino and Charlene Gonzales Fashion faceoff

Lucy Torres and Kris Aquino

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