Phillip Phillips Spasm

by Boy Lopez
grey Phillip Phillips Spasm

Phillip Phillips shirtless


grey Phillip Phillips Spasm

Phillip Phillips and Hee-jun Han

Phillip Phillips obscene spasm when he performs on American Idol without his guitar is a bit disconcerting. Phillip Phillips goes into spasm, facially and bodily, guitar or no guitar, when he sings, week after week after week. His grimaces are painful to watch at times. In all fairness, the teenage girls comprising his main fan base are not complaining of his subtle moves onstage. If you don’t believe what I’m talking about, watch Phillip Phillips singing We’ve Got Tonight below:

Phillip Phillips is no doubt a cute, unassuming, cute guy though, no doubt about it. This early, the gay fan base are also heavily rooting for him. Let us see what his next moves are during the American Idol Finale next week. I hope he gives his all.

grey Phillip Phillips Spasm

Phillip Phillips stroking Colton Dixon

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