Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners

by Boy Lopez

Mr. Pogi 2012 Grand Finals was held today on Eat Bulaga!. And much to the surprise of the people watching, the judges awarded the title to a not so popular to people winner. Folks said even the winner was surprised at his placement. John Edric Ulang from Binangonan, Rizal is Mr. Pogi 2012.

John Edric Ulang Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Mr. Pogi 2012 John Edric Ulang

It’s a tie for 1st Runner-Up: #8 Bryann Jaofrancia and #13 Jaylord Casino

Bryann Jaofrancia 228x344 Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Bryann Jaofrancia
Jaylord Casiño 228x344 Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Jaylord Casino

2nd Runner-Up: #1 Chryst Josef Almazar

Chryst Josef Almazar 228x344 Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Chryst Josef Almazar

3rd Runner-Up: #6 John Paul Duray

John Paul Duray 228x344 Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
John Paul Duray

Special Awards:
Best Mr. Pogi Profile Pic:
#09 Rommel Galido, Iloilo City

rommel galido Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Rommel Galido

Texters’ Choice:
#05 Franz Akeem Aldover, Valenzuela

franz akeem aldover 229x344 Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Franz Akeem Aldover

Mr. Pogi Talent:
#08 Bryann Carlo Jaofrancia, Cavite

TOP 9:
#06 John Paul Duray, Olongapo
#02 Kelvin Engles, Manila

Kelvin Engles 228x344 Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Kelvin Engles

#04 John Edric Ulang, Rizal
#05 Franz Akeem Aldover, Valenzuela
#01 Chryst Josef Almazar, Laguna
#13 Jaylord Casiño, CDO
#09 Rommel Galido, Iloilo
#08 Bryann Carlo Jaofrancia, Cavite
#12 Bonz Andre Militar, Davao

Bonz Andre Militar 220x344 Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners
Bonz Andre Militar

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