Miss China Win Miss World 2012 Held in China


Yu Wenxia

Yu Wenxia

Miss China Wenxia Yu wins Miss World 2012. Thing is, Miss China won via hometown decision because the Miss World 2012 Pageant was held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, a province of the People’s Republic of China. This is the second time that a Miss China won a Miss World title while the pageant is held in China. In 2007, Zhang Zilin won Miss World when Miss World was held in Sanya, China. If the pageant was held outside China, I doubt that Miss China will bag the crown. She is just a semi-finalist material. What a shame!!! Miss Philippines Queenierich Rehman made it to the Top 15 Semi-finalists in 11th Place. She was a Top 5 Finalist in the Talent Challenge but was beaten by winner Miss China. Third Place is Miss Australia and Second Place winner is Miss Wales who fumbled at the last minute in the crucial last part when she greeted the people watching with: “Good Morning Mongolia!”. Miss China also said “Good Morning” aside from being the only one to answer in Mandarin Chinese. The Miss World Top 15 Semi-finalists (in order of preliminaries ranking) are: 15) Kenya, 14) Indonesia, 13) Netherlands, 12) United States, 11) PHILIPPINES, 10) Spain, 9) Brazil, 8) England, 7) South Sudan, 6) Wales, 5) China, 4) Jamaica, 3) Australia, 2) Mexico, 1) India. Top 7: Jamaica, South Sudan, India, Australia, Brazil, China and Wales. Winners of the Fast Tracks, now called Challenges are: Top Model-South Sudan; Beach Fashion-Wales; Multimedia-India; Beauty with a Purpose-India; Sportswoman-Sweden; Talent-China. The whole Miss World production was in such a mess with girls tripping (including Miss Australia during announcement of her 3rd place placement and Kenya during announcement of her placing in the Top 15), some pushing (Miss Malawi nudging Miss New Zealand at the presentation of candidates), hosts fumbling (including the announcement of the wrong country in the Top 15 when it should have been Kenya), and Miss China walking out to the back at the final Miss World song.