Miley Cyrus Dead!


Crazy rumor has been circulating that Miley Cyrus has died from a terrible car accident. And a proof is that of a screencap of the news in the Yahoo News homepage. Whoever made this is terribly sick. You know if you don’t like anyone’s music, wishing him to expire is simply pathetic. I don’t know why people are soo judgmental of another’s musical taste, music has different genres. It does not mean that if you’re into rock or alternative music, you’re coolest of them all. It simply is superior airs. No such bull exists. Again. Thankfully to millions of her fans, Miley Cyrus is not dead but the Yahoo News screencap has not been confirmed if it was truly published or not.

Miley Cyrus dead, alleged Yahoo! news story

Miley Cyrus dead, alleged Yahoo! news story