Marian Rivera: “Isa Po Akong Psychology”

by Boy Lopez

marian rivera snowy thepig 166x250 Marian Rivera: Isa Po Akong Psychology

Marian Rivera and Snowy, the Pig

Marian Rivera caught on cam saying she is Psychology, “Isa po akong Psychology“. Marian Rivera actually meant she is a psychologist or a psychology graduate. Marian Rivera is a Psychology graduate of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas,Cavite Campus. This is not the first time Marian Rivera has been panned for her poor command of the English languange. In the commercial for Maxi-peel, Marian Rivera has been the subject of ridicule fun when she uttered in the said commercial, “I am byo-tee-Pul” (Beautiful). Meanwhile, Marian Rivera and boyfriend Dingdong Dantes has a new movie out entitled, “You To Me Are Everything,” which reportedly raked in 16 million pesos on opening day.

pixel Marian Rivera: Isa Po Akong Psychology

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