Marian Rivera: “Isa Po Akong Psychology”


Marian Rivera and Snowy, the Pig

Marian Rivera and Snowy, the Pig

Marian Rivera caught on cam saying she is Psychology, “Isa po akong Psychology“. Marian Rivera actually meant she is a psychologist or a psychology graduate. Marian Rivera is a Psychology graduate of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas,Cavite Campus. This is not the first time Marian Rivera has been panned for her poor command of the English languange. In the commercial for Maxi-peel, Marian Rivera has been the subject of ridicule fun when she uttered in the said commercial, “I am byo-tee-Pul” (Beautiful). Meanwhile, Marian Rivera and boyfriend Dingdong Dantes has a new movie out entitled, “You To Me Are Everything,” which reportedly raked in 16 million pesos on opening day.