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John Paul Chiu

John Paul Yap Chiu

John Paul Chiu

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John Paul Chiu is Kim Chiu‘s cute younger brother. Chinito cutie that makes girls and gays heart swoon. He also tries to bulk up and makes it a habit to work out. Sketchy info about him being a 2nd year student of University of San Carlos-Talamban Campus in Cebu City, but his IG says otherwise because he seems to be staying in Manila. He was suppose to join showbiz and be a regular of ASAP Supah Dance. Photo credits: JP Chiu.
John Paul Chiu and Angela Nicole Lim

JP Chiu and Angela Nicole Lim

John Paul Yap Chiu shirtless

John Paul Chiu shirtless

Kim Chiu, JP Chiu, William Chiu

Kim Chiu, JP Chiu

John Paul Chiu shirtless

John Paul Yap Chiu shirtless