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Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla kiss

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Kiss

A TFC subscriber email has been going the rounds criticizing ABS-CBN’S “Princess and I” writer/s/management for “not coming up with a better story.” The disgruntled fan is particularly miffed at the Kathryn-Daniel love team (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) while favoring the Kathryn-Enrique Gil loveteam. The alleged TFC subscriber wants Kathryn Bernardo’s character Mikay who plays the Princess, to end up with the Prince played by Enrique Gil. Along the way, he/she called the KathNiel loveteam, the lamest! Read on:

Hi! I just wanna share this. From a TFC subscriber.

“Does ABS-CBN or the writers of this soap even read our comments? I mean, I don’t really know how the story would end up, but I don’t like where it seems to be going…

“I really hate for Mikay to just give up on Jao and end up with Gino. I hope this story will end with a strong-willed, wise Princess, united with a strong wise forgiving Prince. I know management is vying for the Kathryn-Daniel love team, but its just not apt for this soap.

The Kathniel scenes are the lamest. It would’ve been “kilig” on a different soap. Yes, if they want to market this internationally, they better come up with a better story. People around the world, don’t just care for love teams.

“And really, more than the story, I would like to commend the acting skills of Enrique and Kathryn. Good job guys!

“They definitely were able to portray the role of their characters. There’s a different level of intensity between the Jao-Mikay scenes. Its kilig on a deeper level.

“ABS should give Kathryn more than pa-tweetum roles. I remembered her playing the young Gretchen in Magkaribal, she could do beyond love teams.” I hope you can help us.

“And if you know Mr. Nestor Torre, I hope you can pass this message to him also.

“Please and thank you.

“We are not asking for war here, we just want a beautiful story. A beautiful story that was diverted because of the #BooPrincessandI hashtag by the KN’s. Hope you can help us. And please don’t include my name if ever. Thank you.”

Enrique Gil and Kathryn Bernardo

Enrique Gil and Kathryn Bernardo

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