Karylle White Underarms

by Boy Lopez
grey Karylle White Underarms

Karylle whiter underarms, as if taunting someone, perhaps her ex’s new GF? LOL. Whiter underarm is now the newest fad for being beautiful for women. Celebrities like Angel Locsin and Sarah Geronimo in the previous posts and now Karylle. A whiter underarm is not only what makes Karylle smile these days. Karylle is the newest endorser of Blue Water Spa together with Akihiro Sato and she replaces THIS TIME, her ex’s present GF, Marian Rivera. Karylle is believed to have broken up with ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes because of Marian Rivera. Ironically, a previous blog post about Marian Rivera’s underarms is one of the most popular in this blog, FOR A LOT OF DIFFERENT REASONS. LOL.

grey Karylle White Underarms
Akihiro Sato and Karylle
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