JV Villar is officially back on TV


JV Villar

JV Villar

Many were surprised to see JV Villar report on TV Patrol World and Bandila today on the latest explosive news (literally!) from West, Texas, USA. JV Villar is actually officially back on TV in the US (and in the Philippines). JV Villar now lives in Houston, Texas and is the Texas Correspondent for ABS-CBN International’s North America Bureau. JV can be regularly seen reporting the latest news on Balitang America via The Filipino Channel (TFC). Balitang America can also be seen in the Philippines via ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel). JV Villar left Manila years ago after photos of him in the nude went viral on MMS (LOL) and the net. He was also rumored to be gay and is said to have finally spread his wings upon moving to the US. Photo credits: JV Villar Facebook Fan Page