Joel Cruz Test Tube Babies

by Boy Lopez |

UPDATE: Joel Cruz is now a father to twins, Prince Sean and Princess Synne, thru in-vitro fertilization.
Joel Cruz of Aficionado Germany Perfume fame is now waiting for his first child to be born. Joel Cruz hired a babymaker in Russia in order to realize his dream of having a child. The test-tube baby process is reportedly worth 6 million pesos.

Joel Cruz has been trying to have a child since nine years ago, through artificial insemination with no success. A friend took pity and referred him to a center in Ukraine but the Ukrainian center does not accept single fathers and gay people to have a child. He then learned from the net of a medical institution in Russia who does it legally by having a baby through surrogate mothers with the proper papers.

Joel Cruz choose a Russian for a surrogate mother because he thinks Russians are a beautiful race. He said he travels a lot and finds Russians, Italians, and Mexicans as some of the better looking people in the world.

Joel Cruz, dubbed as “Lord of Scents,” is a multi-millionaire and his posh house in Canyon Woods in Tagaytay has been featured in Rated K (watch below). He is the President and CEO of Aficionado Germany Perfumes brand, under his holding company, Central Affirmative Company, Inc. with more than 300 stores nationwide.

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