James Yap Dating Italian-Australian Executive

James Yap in Italy

James Yap in Italy

James Yap is dating an Italian-Australian Asian Development Bank Executive, reports say. James Yap is secretive about the identity of the new girl in her life, the “Italian-Australian” girl, but promised that people would soon know the identity of his mystery girl. But in case you are wondering if this is just a Manti Te’o imaginary girlfriend case, you’re wrong because James’ San Mig Coffee Mixers team mate Marc Pingris already met the girl. Incidentally, James Yap was on holiday in Milan, Italy last month. James Yap’s 5-year marriage to Kris Aquino was annulled last December. They have a cute son together, Baby James, now called Bimby. Meanwhile, this “Italian-Australian girl” could be the reason why Kris Aquino was melancholic (some say, angry) after signing a check for the payment to James Yap in millions of pesos for the settlement of their annulment. “Siguro birthday blues talaga- last night while taking care of Bimb I had to sign another check in the millions, last payment sa financial.” Kris Aquino said she does not check on what’s up with James Yap anymore, so she does not really care if he has a new girl or what: “Hindi ako nagfe-Facebook, kahit ‘yung Instagram account ni James hindi ako nakikialam talaga. So kasama ako doon sa 1% kasi when it’s over, it’s over. Move on, no angst. So hindi talaga, honestly,”