Iwa Moto Pregnant


Iwa Moto, Thirdy and Pampi Lacson

Iwa Moto, Thirdy and Pampi Lacson

Iwa Moto is said to be eleven weeks pregnant and the father of the child is said to be her current boyfriend Pampi Lacson. It can be remembered that Iwa Moto recently revealed that she is still married to her ex, Mickey Ablan, of which she almost had a child with if only she did not suffer a miscarriage. Iwa Moto is also very vocal of her current relations with boyfriend Pampi Lacson, to the point that she insinuates that Jodi Sta. Maria, Pampi Lacson’s ex-wife, was to blame for the breakdown of her marriage with Pampi. Iwa Moto said in interviews that Jodi cheated first on Pampi with her ex-husband Mickey Ablan, even if Jodi knows that she and Mickey were still married. Incidentally, Jodi’s current boyfriend Jolo Revilla is running against Jay Lacson, brother of Pampi, for Vice Governor of Cavite Province.