What’s Keeping Isabelle Daza from joining Bb. Pilipinas

by Boy Lopez
isabelle daza beauty 389x344 Whats Keeping Isabelle Daza from joining Bb. Pilipinas
Isabelle Daza Filipina Beauty Goddess
Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat 425x209 Whats Keeping Isabelle Daza from joining Bb. Pilipinas
Isabelle Daza and Boyfriend Adrien Semblat

Isabelle Daza confirms she is joining Bb. Pilipinas 2014 in her birthday celebration in Party Pilipinas last March 3 (Watch the video below, mention is at the very end). Isabelle Daza has long been urged to join the Philippines premier beauty pageant which sends its winner to the Miss Universe pageant. Isabelle’s mom is the first Miss Universe from the Philippines, Gloria Diaz, who won Miss Universe in 1969. On her own, Isabelle Daza is actually a shoo-in for the crown with her striking Filipina beauty, modeling skills and vivacious personality. What’s holding her? She is afraid to lose. The pressure is just great knowing that her mother not only won the Philippine title but the ultimate title of Miss Universe. I say Isabelle Daza should really join and give a shot in the arm, her already plateau-ing local showbiz career, she is destined for international greatness. For starters, BB. Pilipinas Charities should just hand-pick her for the title and start her training early, if we are really keen on winning the Miss Universe title once again. Is her boyfriend Adrien Semblat the stumbling block to her joining the beauty pageant?

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