Geneva Cruz Nervous Breakdown Videos

Geneva Cruz and KC Montero

Geneva Cruz and KC Montero

Geneva Cruz had a nervous breakdown right in front of millions of Filipinos on the GMA-7 hit TV show, Survivor Philippines Season 4. Geneva Cruz meltdown was not even clear, she just ranted on and former husband KC Montero was the recipient of her full ire with a spattering of the drama with a Survivor Philippines in-house psychiatrist, cameramen and staff. Geneva Cruz even went more ballistic when she heard ex KC Montero accept the chance to still go on as a castaway even after Geneva quit. Geneva said: “Pinahiya niya ako sa buong bansa. Wala na akong career dito. Hiyang-hiya na ako sa balat ko e. Paano mo masasabing pagmamahal, nakikita mo asawa mo, hirap na hirap na damdamin, gusto mo pa ring maglaro para maging Survivor. Manalo ng 3M pesos. Mas pinili niya iyon kaysa sa akin. This is not a game anymore when someone is getting hurt.”

Geneva Cruz breakdown was a trending topic on Twitter and she has been called many names by Twitter users ranging from going crazy to being bipolar. For her part, Geneva Cruz defended herself by posting on Twitter (@heavensmother), “will choose the privacy of my family anytime over 3 million pesos, thank you.” KC Montero and several other fellow Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown castaways also defended her by saying her decision to quit should be respected.