Filipino Fans Stalk SiHae in Manila

K-Pop fans are a dedicated lot. South Korean boy band Super Junior members Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae or SiHae are in Manila, Philippines to promote their endorsement of the Filipino fashion brand Bench. Pinoy fans of the group, fans of the group are called ELF’s, managed to get inside the posh Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City to witness the arrival of SiHae at the hotel where they are billeted. Earlier than that, Filipino fans also managed to breach NAIA 1 airport security and mobbed SiHae upon arrival in Manila. ELF’s are expected to throng Trinoma Activity Center in Trinoma Mall in Quezon City today for SiHae Live in Manila mini concert for Bench.

Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon fans

SiHae fans at the NAIA 1 Airport

SiHae, excited of their Manila trip, even tweeted a photo of them while onboard a Korean Air flight enroute to Manila.

Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon

Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon

Small glitch happened upon arrival in Manila of SiHae and company. After normally queueing at the immigration counter and when they were about to exit the Customs zone at the arrival area of NAIA 1, Tess Roque, airport Customs collector for passenger services, stopped the SiHae group because she said the group didn’t have proper coordination with her office. This incident was played up on the local evening news TV Patrol World:

The other leading local evening news has not mentioned the incident, only saying that SiHae did not have any VIP treatment upon arrival in Manila:

Photos from Twitter.