Erich Gonzales in Katorse

by Boy Lopez
erich gonzales 250x191 Erich Gonzales in Katorse
Erich Gonzales

Erich Gonzales will star in the remake of the sexy film, “Katorse.” The original Katorse starred Dina Bonnevie which launched her to stardom back in the early ’80’s. Katorse is known for the trademark “magic kamison” wherein the usually young lead star dons a sexy top which would look even sexier when the star goes for a swim because of the wet look. Erich Gonzales is an ABS-CBN reality star search winner several years ago from Davao City but has since been relegated to supporting roles since in its various soaps. But this time, Katorse will not be ‘that’ daring for sure since it will be shown on television every Sunday afternoon over at ABS-CBN via Your Song Presents: Katorse. Erich Gonzales will be partnered with Xian Lim and Ejay Falcon. There are conflicting reports though that Erich Gonzales will do a remake of Katorse on the big screen via Regal Films.

erich gonzales 336x252 Erich Gonzales in Katorse
Erich Gonzales

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