Eat Bulaga Franchise in Indonesia


Eat Bulaga Indonesia

Eat Bulaga Indonesia

Eat Bulaga franchise in Indonesia will air starting July 16, 2012. Eat Bulaga’s producer TAPE Incorporated itself confirmed it that “Eat Bulaga Indonesia” is their first franchise overseas and I guess it is also a first for any Philippine TV Show to have someone avail of its franchise. What usually happens is that Philippine soap opera’s are either dubbed or subtitled and shown in a foreign country but no TV Variety show has been franchised abroad.

Eat Bulaga Indonesia Philippines

Eat Bulaga Indonesia is an official franchise.

Unlike the original Philippine production of Eat Bulaga which airs at 12NN Philippine time, Eat Bulaga Indonesia will air live on Indonesia’s SCTV network at 4 pm. “Eat Bulaga Indonesia” will have segments that are adaptations of Eat Bulaga Philippineswhich have just been renamed to adapt to local culture like Pinoy Henyo to Indonesia Pintar, and PNV: Pambato ng Videoke into Karaoke Stud. The popular charity segment Juan for All, All for Juan: Bayanihan of d’ Pipol has been renamed, One For All, All For One, in the Indonesian version. The Indonesian TV network SCTV that airs the show describes Eat Bulaga Indonesia as “definitely fun and contains a lot of funny games that are positive, touching, and surely exciting.” Eat Bulaga Indonesia will be hosted by 14 Indonesian celebrities (of course, LOL) among them Uya Kuya, Nardji, Reza Bukan, and Farid Aja. SCTV Indonesia has a live streaming site here, you may want to check out Eat Bulaga Indonesia when it airs tomorrow at 4PM (Indonesia time).

Eat Bulaga Indonesia

Eat Bulaga Indonesia