Derek Ramsay Already Married to Mary Christine Jolly

Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay

Two shocking truth came out today in the world of Philippine Showbiz. And aside from Andi Eigenmann being 4 and a half months pregnant, turns out the erstwhile most eligible bachelor Derek Ramsay, is actually not single but already married since 2002! Based on official government documents from the NSO, a certain Derek Arthur Ramsay, which is the real name of Derek Ramsay, married Mary Christine Jolly in a civil wedding ceremony officiated by Balagtas, Bulacan Mayor Reinaldo Castro on April 3, 2002 in Balagtas, Bulacan, where Derek Ramsay was a resident then. Mary Christine Jolly is of Indian-Filipino ancestry, and was born in the Philippines. One thing that is pleasantly revealing though in all of these is knowing Derek Ramsay is a Filipino, as stated in his Marriage Contract Certificate. Derek Ramsay was born in England to a British father and a Filipino mother. Obviously, the legally married couple are not together now, with Derek Ramsay in a passionate 4-year relationship with Angelica Panganiban. Since Divorce is not recognized under Philippine Law, and no record of nullification of such marriage is annotated on their Marriage Certificate, and both are Filipino citizens, the marriage of Derek Ramsay and Mary Christine Jolly is still subsisting, valid and legal anywhere in the world. In short, Derek Ramsay cannot marry Angelica Panganiban until he gets an annulment of his marriage with Mary Christine Jolly. Now, everyone are curious as to who is Mary Christine Jolly and how does she looks like?!.