Daniel Padilla Fantard

by Boy Lopez
grey Daniel Padilla Fantard

Daniel Padilla over-eager fan

Daniel Padilla taken advantage by a fan on national television via ASAP. That kiss is the first on-screen kiss of Daniel Padilla, and that earned the ire of KathNiel fans because the lip-locking was not from Kathryn Bernardo but instead came from a fantard girl. This, at the height of the promo for the Kathniel movie, Must Be Love. The hashtag #RespectDanielPadilla then ensued on Twitter admonishing the girl (LOL) for disrespecting Daniel. Daniel meanwhile denies that they lip-locked, saying: “Ha? Hindi yun. Sa baba lang niya ako na kiss hindi sa lips nakailag. Grabe nga e. Hayaan na lang.” (I was able to evade the kiss).

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