Bryanboy Exposed on Rouge

Bryanboy Rouge

Rouge Magazine Bryanboy Expose

An ”explosive exposé” on Bryanboy, the Filipino blogger turned America’s Next Top Model: College Edition (Cycle 19) judge is the centerpiece of this month’s issue of Rouge Magazine. The magazine’s expose on Bryanboy is now the talk of the town. The Rouge Magazine expose features uncensored interviews with Cecile van Straten, Brian Gorrell, and more.

Bryanboy Rouge

Bryanboy Rouge

Model Olivia Medina is on the cover of the Rogue Magazine September 2012 issue, with a double entendre. She is holding a bag which was how Bryan Boy used to hold his bag/s. Olivia Medina is photographed by Mark Nicdao and styled by L.A. Consing Lopez.

Another blogger, Jenni Epperson, who was mentioned on the expose, tweeted that the accusations against Bryan Boy is ”vintage buzz.” Bryan Boy, outspoken and flamboyant as he is, has not addressed the issues against him since it cropped up years ago. This could be the reason why, despite his achievements, this time landing in Hollywood, Bryanboy is not being hyped up by the Philippine media and he is not looked up to as an inspiring story in the Philippines. Or is this just a bad case of crab mentality?