ASF Dancers Rule the Dancefloor

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grey ASF Dancers Rule the Dancefloor
ASF Dancers

In the first part of this two-series (o di ba!) article about noontime show dancers. We featured the EB Babes and their proven beauties, now it’s the ASF Dancers.

Some say when it comes to dancing…no questions asked…the ASF Dancers rule…but when it comes to LOOKS…let’s face it.. mas marami ang magaganda sa EB Babes and lahat sila kilala (sabi) di gaya ng ASF only few are very known…

Like Luningning (Lea Carla Santos), Milagring (Danna De Castro, former member of Honeyme and is known as “Babycake”), Pier Angeli Borres (former member of Honeyme known as “Kisses”) and Gelay. Aside from the known ones, ASF Dancers are Hope Salazar, Aiko Climaco, Cathy Gallano, Ella Ramos, Jenny Tecson, Lorraine Manalo, Mary Argelynn Tan, Monette Jimenez, Precy Alpoveros and Rovielyn Cabigquez.

The Beautiful and Sexy EB Babes

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Aside from the Philippine network war, noontime show war, etc..syempre, may namumuong noon-time show dancers war din…gone are the days na SexBomb Dancers ang makakatapat ng any girl group, ngayon parang the SexBomb Dancers are higher in stature kahit wala sa Eat Bulaga, maybe because they have their own show/soap, Daisy Siete, which is a consistent toprater.

Presenting the Anna Santos Feliciano Dancers better known as ASF Dancers of Wowowee and The EB Babes or Eat Bulaga! Babes looming showdown between their respective noontime shows.

The EB Babes are Angel Coronel, Ann Boleche, Kim Guevarra, Belle Rivera, Joyce Burgos, Lian Paz, Madel Palma, Mae Dela Cerna, Saida Diola and Mergene Maranan.

When the SexBomb Girls left Eat Bulaga!, a new dancing and singing segment was started. The search and founding of the EB Babes was not limited to pretty faces and sexy bodies as the finalists had to undergo five weeks of grueling personality development, stunt, acting and dance classes which included jazz, belly and breakdancing
before the Final Ten were chosen.

The EB Babes now serve as back-up dancers in the opening and closing credits and the game show portions of Eat Bulaga!.